Peter’s Collection Guided Audio Kit

Peter’s Collection Guided Audio Kit
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6 or more 78.27 (Ex GST) 90.01 (Incl GST)

This kit includes 1 Audio CD and 6 copies of the same book. Teachers’ Notes including a printable worksheet for students are available to print from this website-please scroll down to see PDF of Teachers’ Notes on this page. Features of Guided Audio CD Collection:

  • A lesson on CD to support guided reading. Expertly read to engage students with the book.
  • Designed to engage one group of children in a meaningful book based activity
  • Students will benefit from an extra lesson where they will be guided in an in depth exploration of the text.
  • Students will hear the book read aloud. The modelled reading will support the children in their own reading.
  • The CDs DO NOT replace the guided reading lesson with the teacher but do provide an extra mini lesson to support student growth in reading.

Teaching Points The lessons, using selected LM Literacy titles, explicitly teach a range of text features including:

  • letter-sound relationships
  • grammar
  • text structure
  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • visual literacy
  • reading strategies

Different aspects are in focus in the various titles Teacher Support

  • Each CD title contains notes to assist the teacher in organisation and to provide an overview of the content of the lesson the group will be engaged in.
  • In addition, each of the Guided Audio lessons is accompanied by a response to the reading in the form of a Black Line Master. The responses involve the students in writing with the aim of strengthening the reading/writing connection.

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