The Big Picture (SE)

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It takes many months and hundreds of people to make a television drama series. The Big Picture is a book that joins the cast and the crew of The Tribe to find out what life is like on a film set and how the series is transformed from the written script to the screen.

The features of this book are:

  • The features of a non-fiction text:- contents page, glossary, and index
  • The use of bold and italicised text
  • Large, labelled photographs
  • The extra information in the fact files and captions
  • Daily schedule to show the sequences involved
  • Quotes from production crew and actors
  • Procedural text
  • The varied format:- patterned backgrounds, facsimiles of documents, film frames as borders.

The Big Picture can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills:

  • Formulating questions to help locate relevant information
  • Summarising information using key phrases
  • Using an index to navigate text
  • Reading and writing procedural text
  • Creating effective flow diagrams
  • Exploring different ways of presenting information.

Themes covered in this book are: Art and Activity, Careers, The Media

Reading Level: 31++ (Black)

AuthorMary Bennett

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level6


Guided Reading Level30


Theme/TopicArts | Careers | The Media

Strategy/SkillsAsking questions | features of non-fiction | Summarising

Page Count32