Stumpy’s Secret (SE)

Stumpy’s Secret (SE)
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Stumpy’s Secret is a feel good story children will enjoy reading. In the book Joe relates a story about his stash that is missing from his uncle’s junkyard. He blames a local character called Stumpy, but as the story unfolds, due to Joe’s detective skills the real thief is discovered.

The features of Stumpy’s Secret are:

  • First person narrative with direct communication to the reader
  • The use of flashbacks to inform the reader
  • The use of similes eg:- shine out of that guy’s face like a beacon; standing around in their pyjamas like a bunch of escaped hospital patients
  • The alliteration in the title and chapter headings
  • The use of descriptive language – echoed around the yard like Christmas gone mad; It was like those finger bones jumped down my throat and stuck there; my heart tried to burst out through my ribs.

Stumpy’s Secret can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills:

  • Predicting probable actions and outcomes
  • Understanding the use of chapter headings
  • Investigating the narrator’s way ofcommunicating with the reader
  • Interpreting and analysing characters’ relationships and feelings
  • Exploring the use of simile.

Themes covered in this book are: Personal change, Problem Solving, Character education

Reading Level: 31++ (Black)

AuthorMandy Hager

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level6


Guided Reading Level30


Theme/TopicCharacter Education | Personal Change | Problem Solving

Strategy/SkillsCharacter study | Making predictions | Writer's craft

Page Count32