Outer Space Outlaws (SE)

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In the book Outer Space Outlaws it tells the story of Millie and how she finds it hard being a younger sister. So when the opportunity to be a hero arrives, she doesn’t think about the possible consequences. Her adventures take her to planet Kalguri on the trail of a monster. Her journey gives her the excitement she wants, and she learns some valuable lessons along the way.

The features of this book are:

  • Written in Comic strip format
  • Text features:- labels, speech bubbles, capital letters, enlarged typeface for effect
  • Onomatopoeia:- Choof! Oof! Schoonk! Sproing!
  • Sci-fi vocabulary:- vidcast, light year, hyperthrust
  • The use of humour
  • The use of linking text:- And so …; Meanwhile …; An hour later .
  • The speech of Jeeves the help-bot
  • The language of the aliens

Outer Space Outlaws can be used to introduce and reinforce the following standards-related skills:

  • Drawing on students’ prior knowledge
  • Exploring the structure of the comic book genre
  • Expressing and supporting a response to a particular genre
  • Exploring specialised vocabulary
  • Viewing situations from different perspectives

Themes covered in this book are: Adventure, Journeys, Character Education

Reading Level:31+ (Bronze)

AuthorLorenzo Van Der Lingen

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level6


Guided Reading Level30

GenreGraphic Text | Science Fiction

Theme/TopicAdventure | Character Education | Journeys

Strategy/SkillsPrior knowledge | Text structure | vocabulary and word

Page Count32