Hawaiian Magic (SE)

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In Hawaiian Magic this non-fiction text explains to the reader how plants and animals end up on a newly formed island and the changes they make in order to survive there.

The features of the book are:

  • Labelled diagrams and photographs
  • Background textures that support the theme
  • The contents page, glossary, and index
  • Maps
  • Alliteration in the sub-headings
  • Specialised vocabulary:- pollinate, husk, larva

Hawaiian Magic can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills:

  • Knowledge to make predictions
  • Exploring the use of adjectives
  • Distinguishing between fact and opinion
  • Skim-reading to retrieve information
  • Displaying information from the text in different ways
  • Exploring the effectiveness of the design
  • Discussing and creating labelled diagrams

Themes covered in this book are: Earth science, Natural disasters, Interviews

Reading Level:29-30 Sapphire

AuthorRod Morris

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level5


Guided Reading Level29

GenreExplanation | Report

Theme/TopicEarth Science | Habitats | Life Science

Strategy/SkillsFact and opinion | Making predictions | Prior knowledge

Page Count32