Hunting the Moon

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Hunting the Moon tells the story of Naga. A brave hunter who wants to catch a full moon but he can’t as the trees are in his way. He thensees a second moon in the lake and he tries to catch that one. At first he tries with his spear but with no luck. Then he tries with a line and then with a net but unfortunately all his attempts are unsuccessful. The author has narrated this book in the present tense. The text evokes the forest at night and this allows the reader to experience Naga’s thoughts and feelings as he tries to catch the moon. Children will enjoy the mix of suspense and humour and they will be drawn into the atmosphere of the forest at night.

Themes covered in this book are: Leisure and Recreation

Reading Level:21-22 (Gold)

AuthorJoylene Liolea

SeriesPacific Science

Year Level1


Guided Reading Level21


Theme/TopicFood | Humour | Leisure and Recreation

Strategy/SkillsForming opinions | Making Judgments | Using texts as models for own writing | Vocabulary and word study

Page Count12