I Can Write

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In this book I Can Write the reader will follow a simple photographic story about small children writing in recognisable settings using a range of writing implements.

The features of this book are:

  • Bold and easy to read text
  • Photographs to support the text.
  • Different settings for each picture.
  • Repetitive and predictable structure.
  • The high-frequency words:- “I”, “in”, “the”, and “on”.
  • Silent “w” in “write”.
  • Initial letter change from “in” to “on”.
  • The compound word “anywhere”.
  • The theme covered in this book is: Communication

I Can Write can be used in a guided reading setting to introduce the following skills and strategies:

  • Practising pointing one-to-one as each word is read
  • Reading a range of simple, high-frequency words in context
  • Introducing and discussing new words contained within the story
  • Writing new words independently by hearing and recording the sounds in sequence.

Reading Level: 1-2 (Magenta)

Book dimensions 16.5cm x 14.5cm; 8 pages

AuthorFiona Lovatt Davis

SeriesLM Literacy


Guided Reading Level2

GenreGeneral Narrative


Strategy/SkillsComprehension strategies | Vocabulary and word study

Page Count8

Word Count43


Dimensions165 x 145