In The Desert (Asean)

In The Desert (Asean)
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In the Desert, there are things you can hear, smell, taste, and touch. There is also something that you should not touch! This book follows the experience of a young boy as he explores the features of a desert.

The features of this book are:

  • The high-frequency words:- “you”, from”, and “can”.
  • The repetitive and predictable structure.
  • Clear letter spacing.
  • The contraction “don’t”.
  • The use of senses to describe experiences.
  • The use of ellipses, exclamation mark, and commas.
  • Photographs to support the text.
  • The multi-syllabic words :- “mountains”, “desert”, “flowers,” “candy”, and “cactus”.
  • The themes followed in this book are: Life science and Habitats

In the Desert can be used in a guided reading setting to introduce and reinforce the following skills and strategies:

  • Blending sounds together to make a word
  • Using a range of punctuation to read expressively
  • Introducing and discussing the meaning of new words within the story
  • Innovating on an original story line to write another version.Reading Level: 6-8 (Yellow)

Book dimensions 16.5cm x 14.5cm; 8 pages

AuthorMari Arnaud and Linda Whiteside

SeriesLM Literacy

Year Level1


Guided Reading Level6


Theme/TopicEnvironment | Habitats | Life Science

Strategy/SkillsFluency | Using texts as models for writing | vocabulary and word

Page Count8

Word Count54


Dimensions165 x 145