History Walk (Asean)

History Walk (Asean)
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History Walk follows a group of children wanting to learn of the history of their city. The reader joins this group of children that learn if they go for a history walk around the town they will discover the secrets of the past of their town. Children are able to look at the map and follow the footsteps of the children as they travel to different areas and discover interesting facts about the people and places around the city.

The features of this book are:

  • The use of historical and present day photographs to support the text.
  • Written information presented in a variety of ways.
  • The factual information about the city and commentary of the walk.
  • The “ed” word ending to create past tense.
  • The letter clusters:- “str” and “thr”.

History Walk can be used in a guided reading setting to introduce and reinforce the following skills and strategies:

  • Recognising and reading a range of different word patterns, including word endings
  • Discussing new vocabulary and extending understanding
  • Discussing the organisational structure of the text
  • Using diagrams, charts, and other illustrations to support writing.

Themes covered in this book are: School and Community

Reading Level:21-22 (Gold)

AuthorBarbara Beveridge

SeriesLM Literacy

Year Level2


Guided Reading Level22


Theme/TopicSchool and Community

Strategy/SkillsText structure | Using graphic sources | vocabulary and word

Page Count16

Word Count475


Dimensions165 x 145