All Kinds Of Things (SE)

All Kinds Of Things (SE)
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Rings and things and buttons and bows. In this book, seven children show us what they collect. Features of the Book – The use of nouns to label the collections. – The “ings” word ending – “rings” and “things”. – The regular plural form using “s”. – The blends – “th” and “sh”. – Repetition of the words – “I collect”. – The use of capital and lowercase letters as a title convention. – The high-frequency word “I”. Purpose All Kinds of Things can be used in a guided reading setting to introduce the following skills and strategies: -sharing own experiences related to the content of the story; -predicting the story line using illustrations from the book; -recognising the relationship between letters and their sounds; -practising rereading own writing to an audience.

AuthorBeth Becker

SeriesLM Literacy


Guided Reading Level2



Strategy/SkillsFluency | Making connections | Making predictions

Page Count8

Word Count28


Dimensions165 x 145