The Big Game (SE)

The Big Game (SE)
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In The Big Game , A young boy compares the experience of watching soccer in his old country with that of watching football in his new country, the United States. Features of the Book – The specialised vocabulary – “stadium”, “cheerleaders”, “buses”, “musicians”, and “crowd”. – Language signalling change – “I used toand “But here …” -The use of commas to separate phrases. -Plural forms of nouns, especially “families”. -The blends – “dr”, “st”, “sh”, “pl”, “ch”, and “cr”. Purpose The Big Game can be used in a guided reading setting to introduce and reinforce the following skills and strategies: -identifying the themes of the book; -discussing the organisational structure ofthe text; -recognising and reading a range of different word patterns, including word endings; -writing using a variety of sentence patterns.

Themes covered in this book are: School and Community

Reading Level:12-14 (Green)

AuthorAnn M Bingley

SeriesLM Literacy

Year Level2


GenreGeneral Narrative

Theme/TopicSchool and Community

Strategy/SkillsAnalysing themes | Text structure | vocabulary and word

Page Count12

Word Count72


Dimensions165 x 145