Busy Bird (SE)

Busy Bird (SE)
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In the book Busy Bird children will love reading about a busy mother bird while she builds her nest, hatches her eggs, and then feeds her chicks.

The features of the book are:

  • Clear, evenly spaced, two-word text
  • Consistent placement of text.
  • Playful illustrations to support text.
  • The high-frequency words :-“Some” and “A”.
  • The initial “b” consonant:-“busy” and “bird”.
  • The sequential nature of the visual story line.
  • The use of “s” to denote the plural form:- “twigs”, “eggs”, “heads”, and “chicks”.
  • The use of the exclamation mark on page 8.
  • The themes this book covers are: Habitats, Animals, Birds and Insects.

Busy Bird can be used in a guided reading settingto introduce the following skills and strategies:

  • Predicting the meanings of new or unfamiliar words from the context of the story
  • Recognising the relationship between letters andtheir sounds
  • Pointing one-to-one at each word to ensure anappropriate match
  • Writing a story that incorporates a similar model to that of the book.

Reading Level: Level 1-2 (Magenta)

Book dimensions 16.5cm x 14.5cm; 8 pages

AuthorKene Martin

SeriesLM Literacy


Guided Reading Level1 | 1-2

GenreGeneral Narrative

Theme/TopicAnimals | Birds and Insects | Habitats

Strategy/SkillsMaking predictions | Phonemic awareness | Phonics

Page Count8

Word Count16


Dimensions165 x 145