Did You Say “Fire”? (SE)

Did You Say “Fire”? (SE)
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A mouse mistakes a child’s birthday candles for a fire and spreads the alarm through the familiar “pass the message” format. Features of theDid You Say “Fire”? Book – The frequent use of punctuation, especially quotation marks inside quotation marks and exclamation marks. – Illustrations that give strong clues to the story line. – The use of text in the illustrations. – The “ing” word ending -“shouting.” – The “pass the message” format of the text. – The fact that the main character is unaware of the chain of events she has started. – The high-frequency words -“with,” “you”. “said,” “they,” and “was.” TheDid you say,”Fire”? book can be used in a guided reading setting to introduce and reinforce the following skills and strategies: – predicting the meanings of new or unfamiliar words from the context of the story; – discussing the cause and effect of specific events within the story; – encouraging rereading of the text to clarify understanding; – innovating on an original story line to write another version.

AuthorJoy Cowley

SeriesLM Literacy

Year Level1


Guided Reading Level11

GenreGeneral Narrative

Theme/TopicAnimals | Birds and Insects | School and Community

Strategy/SkillsCause and effect | Comprehension strategies | Making predictions

Page Count12

Word Count161


Dimensions165 x 145