Going To The Beach Book (SE)

Going To The Beach Book (SE)
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A lively book about a family going to the beach. Features of the Book – The use of repetition. – The illustrations provide strong visual links tothe text. – The high-frequency words -“up”, “out”, “in”, and “go”. – The first letter of each word shown in capital and lowercase form. – Large, well-spaced text with consistent placement. – Left to right movement in the story reinforces directionality. TheGoing to the Beach book can be used in a guided reading setting to introduce the following skills and strategies: predicting the meanings of new or unfamiliar words from the context of the story; pointing one-to-one at each word to ensure an appropriate match; developing an awareness of the directionality of the print on each page; writing using the conventions of capital letters and full stops.

Book dimensions 16.5cm x 14.5cm; 12 pages

AuthorMargaret Mahy

SeriesLM Literacy


Guided Reading Level1

GenreGeneral Narrative

Theme/TopicHumour | Leisure and Recreation | Relationships | Sports

Strategy/SkillsComprehension strategies | Text structure | vocabulary and word

Page Count12

Word Count34


Dimensions165 x 145