Open It!

Open It!
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In the book Open It! Two children demonstrate a variety of ways to open things. Features of the Book – The strong visual cues in the photographs. – The high-frequency words – “it”, “the”, and “to”. – The use of challenging verbs to describe opening action. – The identical format of text and photographs in the first three spreads. – The rhyme and rhythm in the text – “rings” and “things”. Purpose Open It! can be used in a guided reading setting to introduce the following skills and strategies: sharing own experiences related to the content of the story; – monitoring the reading and ensuring it is making sense using meaning, structure, and visual information from the story; – responding to simple questions about the story’s content; – writing labels for a specific purpose.

Themes covered in this book are: Science and Technology

Reading Level: 3-5 (Red)

AuthorDiana Noonan

SeriesLM Literacy


Guided Reading Level5


Theme/TopicScience and Technology

Strategy/SkillsAsking questions | Comprehension strategies | Prior knowledge | Using texts as models for writing

Page Count8

Word Count29


Dimensions165 x 145