I’m The King Of The Mountain Big Book

I’m The King Of The Mountain Big Book
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In this cumulative fable, bigger and bigger creatures come along and usurp the title of “King of the Mountain” from their smaller predecessors, but it is tiny Flea who wins the day. Features of the Book – The fable as a literary form. – Storybook language – “You are, O Beetle.” – The repeated refrain in italics. – The music provided on page 16. – The repeated blends – “fl”, “st”, “sh”, and “wh”. – The cyclical nature of the story line. – Capital letters for the names of the creatures. – Frequent use of contractions, possessive apostrophes, direct quotes, exclamation marks, and question marks. – The high-frequency words – “went”, “of”, “You”, “said”, and “are”. Purpose I’m the King of the Mountain can be used in a guided reading setting to introduce and reinforce the following skills and strategies: – retelling the sequence of the story using own words; – using structural cues to monitor that reading is making sense; – reading an increasing range of high-frequency words in context; – innovating on familiar songs and writing another version.

AuthorJoy Cowley

SeriesLM Literacy

Year Level1


Guided Reading Level12

GenreFolk tale/Traditional

Theme/TopicAnimals | Birds and Insects | Different Views | Humour

Strategy/SkillsComprehension strategies | Sequencing | vocabulary and word

Page Count16

Word Count301


Dimensions335 x 381