Down on the Ice (SE)

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Down On The Ice is a recount taken from an interview with conservationist Rose Evans who spent three weeks in the Antarctic studying a hut built there by the famous British explorer Robert Scott. The text includes some of the history of Scott’s expedition, an account of Rose’s preparations for her adventure, and descriptions of life on the ice and of the animals of the region. Features of the Book – The use of historic photographs, – Additional information in captions, – Dramatic photographs, – The use of maps, – Similes – like big green fridges joined by tubes; like diving down to the Titanic, – The use of photographic backgrounds to give atmosphere, – Specialised vocabulary – frostbite, wannagan, wilderness, blizzard, crevasse, Purpose Down on the Ice can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills: – using graphic aids such as maps and graphs to convey information, – exploring specialised vocabulary, – describing the mental images evoked by texts, – raising questions from information gathered, – using electronic media to research a topic.

Themes covered in this book are: Animals Birds and Insects, Exploration, History, Different Lands

Reading Level:25-26 (Emerald)

AuthorRupert Alchin

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level3


Guided Reading Level25

GenreExplanation | Recount

Theme/Topicand insects | Animals | birds | Different Lands | Exploration | History

Strategy/SkillsAsking questions | Using graphic sources | Visualising | Vocabulary and word study

Page Count32