How I Met Archie (SE)

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In How I Met Archie, Alice’s mother gets a job as a newspaper reporter, Mrs Lilly comes to take care of Alice after school. But Alice doesn’t like the fact that her mum is working, and she makes things very difficult for Mrs Lilly. Things change when Alice meets Archie, Mrs Lilly’s pet monkey. Features of the Book – Six short chapters, – The theme of conflict, – Punctuation – ellipses, long dashes, parentheses, – The use of italics for emphasis, – Similes – like a very dead rat; howling like a werewolf, – Illustrations that support the text, – The slang used by Alice – no way, gross take it easy, cool, Purpose How I Met Archie can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills: – relating ideas and events in the text to students’ experiences, – supporting interpretations with examples from the text, – interpreting and analysing characters’ feelings, relationships, and actions, – exploring the author’s choice of language.

Themes covered in this book are: Pets, Conflicts, Personal change

Reading Level:25-26 (Emerald)

AuthorAnna Kenna

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level4


Guided Reading Level25

GenreRealistic Fiction

Theme/TopicConflict | Personal Change | Pet

Strategy/SkillsCharacter study | Drawing conclusions | Making connections

Page Count32