Caught in a Flash (SE)

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Caught in a Flash explains how photographer Nic Bishop came to develop a way of “freezing” the actions of animals and insects – movements that happen too quickly for us to see. The final result is breathtaking. We see crisp images of insects caught in mid flight and a flying squirrel testing its “wings” inside the photographer’s house. Features of the Book – The double meaning in the title, – Sequences of images to suggest movement, – The image of the flash on the cover and title page, – The diagram and the accompanying caption, – The variety of text styles – personal narrative, procedural, expository, – The clear example of problem solving, – Design features – using circles and rectangles, – Specialised vocabulary – flashgun, shutter, laser, Purpose Caught in a Flash can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills: – using photographs to aid prediction, – following the problem-solving process, – interpreting labelled diagrams, – reading and writing procedural text, – distinguishing between fact and opinion, – using the text as a springboard to further research.

Themes covered in this book are: Animals Birds and Insects, Science and Technology, Problem Solving

Reading Level:29-30 Sapphire

AuthorNic Bishop

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level5


Guided Reading Level30

GenreExplanation | Procedure

Theme/Topicand insects | Animals | birds | Problem Solving | Science and Technology

Strategy/SkillsFact and opinion | Making predictions | Using graphic sources

Page Count32