Interrupting the Big Sleep (SE)

In Interrupting the Big Sleep, A boy and a rattlesnake are both looking for something – the snake for a place to spend the winter months; the boy for something to relieve the boredom of staying in a remote place with a remote uncle. In the end, it’s not just the rattlesnake’s sleep that has been interrupted. Features of the Book – The realistic illustrations with unusual perspectives, – Poetic language in short concise sentences, – Two points of view (first person for the snake, third person for the boy), – The way the boy’s actions mirror those of the snake, – Specialised vocabulary – cholla, creosote, canyon, saguaro, diamondback, venom, fangs, – Colloquial language – Where’re you going?, Purpose Interrupting the Big Sleep can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills: – exploring specific word meanings, – discussing the author’s craft, – making comparisons between characters, – recognising that authors organise text in different ways for different purposes, – describing literary devices such as imagery and symbolism, – using the text as a springboard to further research.

Themes covered in this book are: Relationships, Personal Change, Character Education

Reading Level: 29-30 (Sapphire)

AuthorJanice Marriott

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level5


Guided Reading Level30

GenreRealistic Fiction

Theme/TopicFamily | Personal Change | Relationships

Strategy/SkillsComparing and contrasting | vocabulary and word | Writer's craft

Page Count32