A Fish Picture Book Level 3-5.

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In this book A Fish, the reader follows a boy as he explains what he uses to make a fish picture. Word Study – High-frequency words: A, I, can, on, a, my, – Punctuation: full stops, exclamation mark, capital letters, – Phonics and phonemic awareness: – – P, p – Picture, paint, paper, picture, put, – – onsets and rimes – c/an s/and, Skills and Strategies Reading A Fish Picture will reinforce the following objectives and give the children the opportunity to: – recognise simple consonant-vowel-consonant words, – emphasise left-to-right movement to reinforce directionality, – point one-to-one as each word is read to ensure an appropriate match, – innovate on the story to create own version of stories plays and songs, Materials- copies of BLM, pencils, markers, – a picture of a fish, a variety of collage materials, paint, paper, scissors, glue, card, magnetic letters.

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Themes covered in this book are: Art and Activity

Reading Level: 3-5 (Red)

AuthorJulie Ellis

SeriesFirst Stories


Guided Reading Level3-4


Theme/TopicArt and Activity

Strategy/SkillsPhonemic awareness | Phonics | Text structure | Using texts as models for own writing

Page Count16

Word Count61