The Maze Craze (SE)

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The Maze Crazelooks at the Minotaur maze in ancient Greece, the huge hedge mazes of Hawaii and Hampton Court, and modern mirror and maize mazes. Features of the Book Word Study Opportunities – Alliteration – maize mazes, many mazes, Minotaur,maze, mirror mazes,- Compound words – everyone, sunscreen, -Initial blends “cr, “pl, and “st – craze, Crete;place, plants; star, stone – Comparisons to convey meaning, -Maps; -Measurements, -Specialised vocabulary – challenge, craze, hedge,image, maize, maze, reflections Purpose The Maze Craze can be used to introduce andreinforce the following skills: – identifying the use of repetition, rhythm, rhyme,and alliteration in texts; -using visual, structural, and meaning cues to readunknown words; -making connections between own experiences andthe text; – understanding the author’s purpose; – writing text that has a beginning, middle, and end.

Themes covered in this book are: History, Science and Technology

Reading Level:19-20 (Purple)

AuthorSally Stone

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level2


Guided Reading Level19-20

GenreExplanation | Procedure

Theme/TopicHistory | Science and Technology

Strategy/SkillsReading and writing procedural text | Recognising the features of non-fiction text | Using context clues and prior knowledge to understand unfamiliar words

Page Count32