The New Girl (SE)

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Amy is at home with a broken ankle. While she is away, her best friend Kim, makes friends with the new girl. Amy finds this unsettling, then she finds out that she and the new girl have something in common. Features of the Book – Direct speech, – Written from a child’s point of view, – Specialised vocabulary – cast, crutches, hobbled , – Third-person narrative, Word Study Opportunities – Double consonants – stopped, worried, hobbled, – Contractions – wasn’t, didn’t, she’s, how’s, couldn’t, can’t, – Silent “w” – write, wrong, wrote, – Compound words – classroom, everyone, anymore, outside, lunchtime, Purpose The New Girl can be used to introduce and reinforce the following standards-related skills: – interpreting and analysing characters’ feelings, relationships, and actions, – making confirming and revising predictions, – using context clues and prior knowledge to understand unfamiliar words, – exploring problem resolution, – recognising the silent letter “w”, – writing compositions that have interesting subjects.

Themes covered in this book are: Personal change, School and Community, Relationships

Reading Level:21-22 (Gold)

AuthorJanice Marriott

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level2


Guided Reading Level21

GenreRealistic Fiction

Theme/TopicPersonal Change | Relationships | School and Community

Strategy/SkillsCharacter study | Making predictions

Page Count32