Tracks on the Ground (SE)

Animals and people make all kinds of tracks. Tracks on the Groundexplains what different tracks look like and what we can learn from them. The text includes instructions for making footprints using paint plaster of Paris. Features of the Book – Instructions for an activity,- Captioned photographs, -Labelled diagrams – Specialised vocabulary – cloven, coyote, fossil, hind, hoof,imprint, plaster cast, plaster of Paris, search-and-rescue,webbed Word Study Opportunities – Compound words – classroom, footpath, footprint,handprints – Double vowels – between, feet, see; smooth,kangaroo, raccoon – Regular and irregular plurals – halves, hooves, feet,shoes, toes Purpose Tracks on the Ground can be used to introduce andreinforce the following skills: – identifying the main idea and supporting detail; – extending vocabulary by using a glossary; – reading and writing procedural text; – using knowledge of the words in compound – words to predict meaning; – exploring the “ee sound; -writing simple instructions.

Themes covered in this book are: Animals Birds and Insects, School and Community

Reading Level:19-20 (Purple)

AuthorClare Bowes

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level2


Guided Reading Level19-20

GenreProcedure | Report

Theme/Topicand insects | Animals | birds | School and Community

Strategy/SkillsMain ideas | vocabulary and word

Page Count32