Two Tricky Tales (SE)

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Two Tricky Tales has Sally Murphy retell two of Aesop’s fables. In the first fable, Fox uses flattery to trick Crow. In the second, Mosquito learns that no matter how great you are, there will always be somebody better than you. Features of the Book – Direct speech, – Humour, – Similes – They are black like midnight; They look like diamonds, – Specialised vocabulary – Aesop, storyteller, fable, – Third-person narrative, – Retelling of two traditional stories, Word Study Opportunities – Contractions – didn’t, he’d, I’m, she’s, – Verb endings “ed” and “ing” – decided, hopped, ruffled; looking, spinning, waiting, – Multisyllabic words – beautiful, diamonds, Mosquito, Purpose Two Tricky Tales can be used to introduce and reinforce the following standards-related skills: – understanding the author’s purpose, – making connections between own experiences and the text, – forming and supporting opinions about a text, – exploring onsets and rimes, – using text as a model for writing.

Themes covered in this book are: Animals Birds and Insects, Relationships, Character education

Reading Level:21-22 (Gold)

AuthorSally Murphy

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level2


Guided Reading Level21

GenreFolk Tale/Traditional Story

Theme/Topicand insects | Animals | birds | Relationships

Strategy/SkillsAuthor's purpose | Forming opinions | Making connections

Page Count32