Where Is White Rabbit? (SE)

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Where Is White Rabbit? is a book about a little girl Anna. Things are going missing at Anna’s house – her white rabbit, her brother’s sweatshirt, and her mum’s gardening glove. Anna and her brother set out to solve the mystery. Features of the Book – Direct speech, – New clues revealed throughout the plot, – Third-person narrative, – Mystery, Word Study Opportunities – Compound words – bedroom, footprints, lookout, – Contractions – can’t, don’t, he’s, she’d, they’ll, we’ll, where’s, – Verb endings “ed” and “ing” – asked, checked, peered; boring, digging, gardening, missing, Purpose Where Is White Rabbit? can be used to introduce and reinforce the following standards-related skills: – making connections between own experiences and the text, – recognising the structural features of a text, for example, theme, plot, setting, characters, – paraphrasing and summarising information, – exploring the digraph “ch”, – writing a letter.

Themes covered in this book are: Problem Solving, Pets, Responsibility

Reading Level:19-20 (Purple)

AuthorSusan Devereux

SeriesSkyrider Chapters

Year Level2


Guided Reading Level19-20


Theme/TopicDiscovery | Pets | Responsibility

Strategy/SkillsMaking connections | Summarising | Text structure

Page Count32