No Safe Place & Animal Neighbours Level 27-28

No Safe Place & Animal Neighbours Level 27-28
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This book contains the fiction title No Safe Place and the non-fiction title Animal Neighbours.

In No Safe Place, a space shuttle lands on planet Thork, looking for a spacecraft that has crash landed. The crewencounters many strange creatures and environments intheir search for the missing craft. Features of No Safe Place – Narrative text with action and dialogue – Futuristic setting and illustrations – Interaction between the characters – Direct speech – Science-fiction vocabulary and conventions Purpose No Safe Place can be used for the following purposes: – introducing the ideas and vocabulary in the associatednon-fiction title; – analysing the features of science-fiction writing; – exploring the narrative structure and characterdevelopment; – developing a sequence of events; – summarising and restating information.

In Animal Neighbours, Even though you don’t know it, you may share your house and garden with all kinds of animal neighbours. This book is a fact file of information about some of these creatures, from rove beetles to white-footed mice.Features of Animal Neighbours – Contents page, glossary, index – Fact boxes – Photographs and illustrations with captions – Report structure – Specialised vocabulary – adapted, camouflage, decomposing, environment, foliage, habitat, nutrients,pincers, predators, prey Purpose Animal Neighbours can be used to introduce and reinforcethe following gathering information from written and visual text; summarising and restating information; interpreting science in an authentic context; using the contents page, glossary, and index to deepen understanding.

Themes covered in this book are: Adventure, Discovery, Space

Reading Level:27-28 (Ruby)

AuthorNorman Bilborough/Nick Bishop

SeriesSkyrider Double Takes

Year Level4


Guided Reading Level27

GenreReport | Science Fiction

Theme/TopicAdenture | Discovery | Space

Strategy/SkillsCharacter studies | Sequencing | summarizing | Text structure

Page Count32