Fun And Games

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People have played games for thousands of years. Fun and Gamesexplores why we play games and looks at the origin of the games we play today. It includes instructions for playing three games.
Features of the Book – Historical information, – Connections between past and present games. – Procedural text, – Lists, – Labelled diagrams, – Specialised vocabulary – competition, equipment, mancala, opponent, jai alai, – Purpose Fun and Games can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills and understandings: -identifying and summarising main ideas, – reading and following procedural texts, – exploring root words, – retrieving and classifying the information in a text, – exploring ways that recreational activities can facilitate global understanding.

Themes covered in this book are: Art and Activity, Celebration, History

Reading Level:23-24 (Silver)

AuthorHeidi Schoof

SeriesSkyrider Investigations

Year Level3


Guided Reading Level23

GenreExplanation | Report

Theme/TopicArt and Activity | celebrations | History

Strategy/SkillsComprehension strategies | Information skills | Main ideas | Summarising | vocabulary and word

Page Count32