Jason and the Golden Fleece/Forty-Hour Runathon

This book contains the fiction title Jason and the Golden Fleece and the non-fiction title Forty-Hour Runathon.

In Jason and the Golden Fleece, to avenge the betrayal of his father by his uncle and win back his kingdom, Jason must travel to a distant land to seize the golden fleece. Features of Jason and the Golden Fleece – Recount of a legend – Mythological characters – Narrative text with action and dialogue – Orientation, problem, climax, resolution Purpose Jason and the Golden Fleece can be used for the following purposes: – introducing the ideas and vocabulary in the associated nonfiction title – analyzing the features of hero stories in legends and myths – analyzing word meanings

In Forty-Hour Marathon, Each year the students at James Sanders High School hold a fundraiser for charity. This title describes their effort to raise $50000 for World Vision by holding a runathon. Features of Forty-Hour Marathon – Multiple text forms – explanation, procedure, narrative – Timeline and schedule of events – Use of math in an authentic context Purpose Forty-Hour Runathon can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills: – evaluating information to form an opinion – questioning the text – synthesizing information – analyzing steps in developing a plan

Themes covered in this book are: Challenge, Overcoming obstacles, Sports, Ancient People

Reading Level:27-28 (Ruby)

AuthorSusan Paris/Pat Quinn

SeriesSkyrider Double Takes

Year Level5


Guided Reading Level27

GenreExplanation | Myth and Legend | Procedure | Recount

Theme/TopicAdventure | Ancient Peoples | Challenge | Overcoming Obstacles | Sport

Strategy/SkillsAsking questions | Forming opinions | Sequencing | synthesising | Text structure | vocabulary and word

Page Count32