The Voice Of The Glacier and other poems/Volcano

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In Voice of the Glacier and other poems we explore some of the powerful forces of nature that shape our world. Features of The Voice of the Glacier and other poems – Poetic devices- onomatopoeia, personification, rhyme, rhythm, repetition, alliteration, metaphor, consonance – Poetic forms- free verse, lyric poetry, narrative, different rhyme schemes – Descriptive language Purpose The Voice of the Glacier and other poems can be used for the following purposes: – introducing the ideas and vocabulary in the associated non-fiction title – identifying factual information in poems – analysing the features of poetry

Volcano Watch explores the causes and effects of volcanic activity, volcanic hot spots, the ways volcanoes affect people, and the instruments and methods volcanologists use to study volcanic activity. Features of Volcano Watch – Multiple text forms- explanation, interview – Specialised vocabulary- core, mantle, magma, volcanologists, seismometer, tiltmeter, GPS, radiocarbon dating, lahar – Fact boxes – Captioned photographs – Map and legend Purpose Volcano Watch can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills: – synthesising information from text and visual sources – drawing conclusions based on evidence from the text – asking questions to deepen understanding of a specialised subject – skimming and scanning information.

Themes covered in this book are: Earth Science, Environment, Geography, Science and Technology, Natural Disasters, Careers

Reading Level: 29-30 (Sapphire)

AuthorBill Nagelkerke/Jenny Bornholt

SeriesSkyrider Double Takes

Year Level5

Guided Reading Level29-30

GenreExplanation | Poetry

Theme/TopicCareers | Earth Science | Environment | Geography | Natural Disasters | Science and Technology

Strategy/SkillsDrawing conclusions | Fact and opinion | Sequencing | Text structure

Page Count32