From Cane To Crystals (SE)

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Millions of tonnes of sugar are produced every year. From Cane to Crystals investigates this history of the sugar trade, the reasons why sugar is such a valuable commodity, and the process of sugar production.
Features of the Book – Fact boxes, – Explanation, – Different points of view, – Cause-and-effect relationships. Purpose From Cane to Crystals can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills and understandings: – determining the author’s purpose, – analysing text organization and structure, – evaluating information to form an opinion, – exploring the production, distribution, and consumption of goods.

Themes covered in this book are: Food, Plants, Physical science

Reading Level:27-28 (Ruby)

AuthorAnna Langdon

SeriesSkyrider Investigations

Year Level4


Guided Reading Level27

GenreExplanation | Procedure

Theme/TopicFood | Physical Science | Plants

Strategy/SkillsAuthor's purpose | Cause and effect | Forming opinions | Point of view | Text structure

Page Count32