The Great Piano Hoist (SE)

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In The Great Piano Hoist, Carlos is excited when he inherits his great-aunt’s piano, but getting the piano into his apartment is going to be tricky. This story shows how Carlos’s problem is solved through the creative use of pulleys and levers.
Features of the Book – Problem solving, – Specialised vocabulary – pulley, lever, dolly, – Descriptive language – rummaged, musty, peered, maestro, – Historical references, – Factual information in a fiction text. Purpose The Great Piano Hoist can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills and understandings: – visualising to make sense of a complex text, – asking questions to deepen understanding of a subject, – using strategies to make meaning of unknown words, – exploring how pulleys and levers move objects.

Themes covered in this book are: Problem Solving, Humour, History, Physical Science

Reading Level:25-26 (Emerald)


AuthorJo Wilson

SeriesSkyrider Investigations

Year Level4


Guided Reading Level25

GenreRealistic Fiction

Theme/TopicHistory | Humour | Physical Science | Problem Solving

Strategy/SkillsDescriptive language | features of non-fiction | vocabulary and word

Page Count32