Snake Country & Classified! Level 31

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In Snake Country, When Kim goes off the trail on a class field trip she gets bitten by a snake. Luckily for her Natalie knows about snakes and can identify if the snake that bit her is venomous.
Features of Snake Country
Narrative with orientation, problem, climax, and resolution
Setting of class field trip to a national park
Factual, scientific information

Snake Country can be used for the following purposes:
introducing the ideas and vocabulary in the associated nonfiction title
exploring the relationships between characters
making and confirming or revising predictions
exploring factual information in a fiction text

In Classified, There are millions of different species of plants and animals on Earth. This text explains why systems of classification are developed and reports on the system that we use today.
Features of Classified
Report with an explanation
Specialized vocabulary
o Latin, naturalists, infection, complex, cells, absorbing, database, philosopher
Photographs and graphics
Fact boxes

Classified! can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills:
interpreting graphic sources of information
analyzing features of nonfiction

Themes covered in this book are: Habitats, Life Science

Reading Level:31+ (Bronze)

AuthorRebecca Green

SeriesSkyrider Double Takes

Year Level6

Guided Reading Level30

GenreRealistic fiction/report

Theme/TopicAdventure | Habitats | Relationships | Safety | School and Community

Strategy/SkillsFeatures of nonfiction | Information skills

Page Count32