Sackville Screamers & The Rocket Man Level 31

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In Sackville Screamers, Karl has a great new fundraising idea. Unfortunately most of his ideas aren’t successful and some of his classmates laugh at the latest one. His idea is to form a band with Mitch on bass guitar. There’s just one problem – Mitch doesn’t know how to play bass guitar.
Features of The Sackville Screamers
Realistic fiction with orientation, climax, and resolution
Theme of triumph over adversity
Clear sequence of events
Dialogue and action
The Sackville Screamers can be used for the following purposes:
introducing the ideas and vocabulary in the associated nonfiction text
exploring character development
making, confirming, and revising predictions
comparing and contrasting

In The Rocket Man, Robert Goddard has become known as the ‘father of the space age’ even though his accomplishments were largely unnoticed while he was living. This biography explores his life and outlines his major achievements.
Features of The Rocket Man
Sequencing and organization of information
Specialized language
The Rocket Man can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills:
identifying features of biography
skimming and scanning
synthesising information
note taking

Themes covered in this book are: Space, Science and Technology

Reading Level: 31++ (Black)

AuthorFeana Tu'akoi/Julia Wall

SeriesSkyrider Double Takes

Year Level6

Guided Reading Level30

GenreBiography | Realistic Fiction

Theme/TopicArt and Activity | Humour | School and Community

Strategy/SkillsFeatures on nonfiction | Information skills | synthesising

Page Count32