Tsunami and the Mighty Wave Level 31

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Using the Tsunami of December 26, 2004 as a starting point this text explains the various causes of tsunamis. A scientist explains how tsunami warning systems work and an eyewitness gives an account of the 2004 tsunami.
Features of Tsunami
Realistic fiction
First-person narrative
Direct speech
Descriptive language
Dramatic story involving a major natural disaster
Tsunami can be used to introduce and reinforce the following skills:
exploring the features of an explanation
comparing and contrasting information
– identifying main ideas and supporting details
-asking questions of the text
The Mighty Wave
Antonio Isabella and their father are on holiday when a tsunami strikes. In the chaos and destruction left after the tsunami Antonio and his father try to locate Isabella.
Features of The Mighty Wave
Specialised vocabulary

Themes covered in this book are: Earth Science, Natural Disasters

Reading Level:31+ (Bronze)


AuthorSusan Paris/Bill Gaynor

SeriesSkyrider Double Takes

Year Level6

Guided Reading Level30

GenreRealistic fiction/report

Theme/TopicEarth Science | Family | Natural Disasters

Strategy/SkillsComparing and contrasting | Information skills | synthesising

Page Count32