Where Is Sam?(SE)

Where Is Sam?(SE)
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In this humorous story, Where Is Sam? the reader follows Sam through the house, finding item after item of discarded clothing, until the answer to the question posed in the title is revealed. The
keyhole illustration on the cover provides an intriguing clue, while the detailed illustrations
provide many opportunities for discussion.
This text supports the comprehension strategies of predicting using illustrations and
making connections with real-life experiences. It provides opportunities for consolidating
the high-frequency words “here”, “where”, “is”, and “are” and for monitoring the students’
use of return sweep. Look at Me is another Dragonflies emergent title about clothes.
Text features (Focus on only one or two per session.)
the high-frequency words – I, in, my, the
the plural nouns – apples, beans, fl owers, potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes
the repeated initial consonant “b” – bag, basket, beans, box, bucket
the initial consonant blends – -fl , -str
the first-person narration
the use of the ellipsis for anticipation
the repetitive sentence structure, with a change on pages 7 and 8
the two word changes per page
the visual sub-plot – the bee, butterfly, and dog appear on most pages

Themes covered in this book are: Family, Relationships

Reading Level: 3-5 (Red)

AuthorJulie Ellis



Guided Reading Level3

GenreRealistic Fiction


Strategy/SkillsMaking connections | Making predictions

Page Count8

Word Count34