Happy Birthday(SE)

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A young girl is turning six, and everyone has a special way of saying “Happy Birthday”. The joy and excitement of birthdays are captured in this cheerful text that the students will find easy to relate to. This book supports the comprehension strategies of using prior knowledge, making connections with real-life experiences, and using illustrations to understand text. The use of high-frequency words, repetition, and a close picture-text match are supports for the reader, but there are also subtle text changes that require the students to pay closeattention to print. The content words on each page provide opportunities for the students to practise their decoding skills. Text features – the high-frequency words – a, it, my, on, said, with – the repeated initial letters – b, s, h – the digraphs -ph – phone; -th – with, birthday – the initial consonant blends – cl, fl , sm – the compound word – birthday – the repetitive text structure – the use of speech bubbles – the names of the family members – the split picture on page 5 – the extra information provided in the illustrations (the girl’s age on the cover, and page 4) – the warm family relationships portrayed in the illustrations

Themes covered in this book are: Family and Celebrations

Reading Level: 1-2 (Magenta)

AuthorRobyn Reid



Guided Reading Level2

GenreRealistic Fiction

Theme/Topiccelebrations | Family

Strategy/SkillsMaking connections | Prior knowledge | Using graphic sources

Page Count8

Word Count44