Going Swimming (SE)

Going Swimming (SE)
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In the book Going Swimming the reader follows a family on a hot day when theygo swimming, but they visit a variety of places before they decide on onethat suits them all. This book supports the comprehension skills of making connections with real-life experiences and making and confirming predictions. A repetitive text structure providessupport, allowing the students an understanding of speech and expressive phrases. Text features – the high-frequency words – can, go, like, said, we, went – the repeated initial consonants – w, m, d – the contraction – we’ll – the adverb – too – the opposites – hot, cool – the use of direct speech – the family members’ feelings expressed clearly through the illustrations – the relationship between the text and illustrations (finding cues for unfamiliar words)

Themes covered in this book are: Family, Leisure and Recreation

Reading Level: 3-5 (Red)

AuthorDot Meharry



Guided Reading Level3

GenreRealistic Fiction

Theme/TopicFamily | Leisure and Recreation

Strategy/SkillsMaking connections | Making predictions

Page Count8

Word Count61