Walking the Dog Level 6-8

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This is a fun text about taking a dog for a walk in the park. The lively illustrations convey
what is “really” happening in the story.
This book supports the comprehension strategies of noting details in illustrations, making
connections with real-life experiences, and using illustrations to understand text. The
sentences are structured so that the content words from the last half of each sentence
are repeated in the beginning of the next sentence. This provides strong support for the
students who lack confidence in their reading.
Text features
the high-frequency words – and, the, we
the initial consonant blends – br, fl , thr, tr
the word ending -er – under, over, flower(s)
the compound word – into
the plural nouns – ducks, flowers
the prepositions – after, along, into, over, round, through, under
the consistent sentence structure
the use of an ellipsis to heighten anticipation on page 7
the use of an exclamation mark for emphasis on page 8
the significant development of the story line that occurs in the illustrations

AuthorJane Buxton



Guided Reading Level6

GenreRealistic Fiction

Theme/TopicEnvironment | Neighbourhood

Strategy/SkillsMaking connections | Using graphic sources

Page Count8

Word Count56