Don’t Throw That Out! Level 6-8

Don’t Throw That Out! Level 6-8

A resourceful and determined child rescues rubbish to create a magnificent dragon. This text supports the comprehension strategies of making and confirming predictions,noting details in illustrations, and using illustrations to understand text. This text is constructed completely through direct speech and the use of speech bubbles, providing good opportunities for expressive reading. Text features – the initial consonant blends – br, dr, gl, gr, pr, st – the digraph -th – that, that’s, the, those, everything, brother – the letter cluster -thr – throw – the contractions – don’t, that’s, I’ve – the compound word – everything – the past and future forms of the verbs – made, make – the adjectives – cool, good, sticky – the use of direct speech – the repeated sentence structure on pages 2 to 6 – the speech bubbles on pages 10 to 12 – the characters’ names – the varied text placement – the use of a variety of punctuation

AuthorBarbara Beveridge


Year Level1


Guided Reading Level7

GenreProcedure | Realistic Fiction

Theme/TopicSchool and Community

Strategy/SkillsMaking predictions | Using graphic sources

Page Count12

Word Count104