Don’t Forget Grandma (SE)

Don’t Forget Grandma (SE)

In this simple play Don’t Forget Grandma, the reader has a cast of four characters. Grandma is coming to dinner, and the children have alively, entertaining time preparing for her arrival.This simple play has a cast of four characters. This text supports the comprehension strategies of following the steps in a process, notingdetails in illustrations, and summarising the main ideas. It introduces the students to the conventions involved with reading and performing plays. Text features – the initial consonant blends – gr, sp, pl – the contractions – don’t, let’s, didn’t, I’ll – the compound words – forget, Grandma – the silent “k” in “knife” – the use of repetition – the use of exclamation marks – the use of questions – the play-writing conventions of a list of characters and the use of capital letters and coloured type – the humour in the illustrations – the visual sub-plots involving a spider and the family cat

Themes covered in this book are: Family

Reading Level: 6-8 (Yellow)

AuthorBarbara Beveridge


Year Level1


Guided Reading Level8



Strategy/SkillsSummarising | Using graphic sources

Page Count8

Word Count171