The Gardener And The Scarecrow

The Gardener And The Scarecrow
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In The Gardener And The Scarecrow the reader follows the humorous narrative, the gardener needs to find a way to stop the greedy birds from pecking at his vegetables. The students will enjoy working out what the gardener has in mind! This text supports the comprehension strategies of making and confirming predictionsand noting details in illustrations. It’s also useful for monitoring children’s integration of reading strategies at the end of the Blue level. There are two other Dragonflies books aboutthis character: The Gardener (emergent) and The Gardener’s Maze (early). Text features (Focus on only one or two per session.) – the initial consonant blends – cl, sc, st, tr – the digraphs -ch – chased, stitch; -sh – shed, shouted; -th – that, the, they, this – the lively verbs – chased, clipped, pecked, shouted – the irregular verbs – came, kept, made, put, said, was, went – the variety of word endings – clipped, clipping; garden, gardener, gardening – the -y ending – scary – the compound word – scarecrow – the use of repetition for effect and to suggest time passing on page 7 – the sentences running over two lines – the use of commas for phrasing – the clear narrative structure – the markers of time – in the morning, that night – the gardener’s imperative language – the way the gardener talks to himself – the battle between the gardener and the birds – the clues in the illustrations – the surprise ending

Themes covered in this book are: Environment, Animals Birds and Insects

Reading Level: 6-8 (Yellow)

AuthorDot Meharry


Year Level1


Guided Reading Level8

GenreRealistic Fiction

Theme/TopicAnimals and birds | Environment

Strategy/SkillsMaking connections | Using graphic sources

Page Count12

Word Count159