Skipper’s Happy Tail Level 6-8

Skipper’s Happy Tail Level 6-8

In this humorous narrative, Skipper’s tail causes all kinds of trouble, but finally comes in useful. The dramatic events and lively dialogue encourage expressive reading. This text supports the comprehension strategies of makingconnections to real-life experiences and making and confirming predictions. It is useful for monitoring children’s integration of reading strategies at the end of Blue level. There is another early book about this character, No, Skipper! Text features – thevariety of initial consonant blends – the digraphs -ch – children; -ph – Sophie; -sh – brushed, crash, shed, shopping,shouted; -th – the, there, they – the repeated rimes – here, there; get, wet; flicked, pick, tickled; out, shouted – the strong narrative structure – the dramaticstyle – thecharacterisation of Skipper – theexpressive illustrations – thepossessive apostrophes in “Greg’s”, “Skipper’s”, and “Sophie’s” – the lively verbs – the expressive dialogue, including imperative language – the use of exclamation marks for emphasis – the use of onomatopoeia – crash!

AuthorSharon Holt


Year Level1


Guided Reading Level8

GenreRealistic Fiction

Theme/TopicFamily | Pets

Strategy/SkillsMaking connections | Making predictions

Page Count12

Word Count151