No, Skipper! (SE)

No, Skipper! (SE)
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In No, Skipper ther reader follows a humorous story which features a boisterous family pet who would love to be allowed inside.When rain sets in, Skipper gets his opportunity. This text supports the comprehension strategies of noting details in illustrations and summarising the main ideas. This text requires the students to pay close attention to visualinformation. The lively nature of the narrative provides opportunities for expressive reading. This text is a companion to the Dragonflies early title Skipper’s Happy Tail. Text features – the variety of initial consonant blends – the digraphs -ch – chase, chased, chair; -ph – Sophie – the -er word ending – corner, dinner, Skipper – the -ed verb ending – chased, fl ooded, opened, rained, stopped, wanted; -ing – looking, wagging – the irregular past-tense verbs – ate, came, said, sat, slept – the compound words – inside, outside, sometimes – the possessive apostrophe – Dad’s, Greg’s, Sophie’s – the use of direct speech – the exclamation marks for emphasis – the use of commas for phrasing – the strong narrative structure – the characterisation of Skipper – the expressive illustrations

Themes covered in this book are: Pets, Family

Reading Level:9-11 (Blue)

AuthorSharon Holt


Year Level1


Guided Reading Level9

GenreRealistic Fiction

Theme/TopicFamily | Pets


Page Count16

Word Count162