The Gardener’s Maze (SE)

The Gardener’s Maze (SE)
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The Gardener’s Maze is a humorous narrative following the gardener designs and he builds a maze with help from a friendly hedgehog! This text is a follow-up to the Dragonflies emergent title The Gardener and a companion text to the early title The Gardener and the Scarecrow. This text supports the comprehension strategies of setting a purpose for reading andfollowing steps in a process. Variety in the sentence structures means that the students willneed to attend to punctuation to develop phrasing and fluent reading. Text features – the variety of initial consonant blends – the “all” rime – all, small, tall – the silent “e” – made, make, maze – the -ed verb ending – the irregular past-tense verbs – came, got, grew, made, put, sat, saw, went – the variety of word endings – garden, gardener, gardening, planting, plants – the possessive apostrophe in the title – the use of repetition for effect – the use of commas to support phrasing – the variety of sentence beginnings – at last

Themes covered in this book are: Environment

Reading Level:9-11 (Blue)

AuthorDot Meharry


Year Level1


Guided Reading Level10



Strategy/SkillsMonitoring for Meaning | Sequencing

Page Count16

Word Count203