Is That An Earthquake? (SE)

Is That An Earthquake? (SE)
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In Is That An Earthquake, a young boy wonders anxiously whether the movements around his home could be an earthquake. Suddenly there is an earthquake, and the family act quickly. The story incorporates a recount and an explanation and is told through dialogue.
This text supports the comprehension strategies of making connections with real-life experiences and using illustrations to understand text. It includes a high number of descriptive verbs that encourage attention to initial blends, onomatopoeia, and rhyme.
Text Features
the use of dialogue to tell the story
the portrayal of the characters’ feelings through the text and the illustrations
the repetitive text structure and the dramatic change on pages 8 to 11
the change in tense on page 11
the lively, descriptive verbs the imperative verbs on page 9
the italics and exclamation marks for emphasis
the rhyme the personification on pages 3 and 6
the inclusion of the family dog in most of the illustrations
the examples of verbs that involve dropping the final “e” before adding “ing”
Possible challenges
the use of dialogue to tell the story
the poetic language
the terms “logging truck” and “goods train” on pages 3 and 5.

Themes covered in this book are: Family, Earth Science

Reading Level:12-14 (Green)

AuthorAlan Bagnall


Year Level2


Guided Reading Level13

GenreGeneral Narrative

Theme/TopicEnvironment | Family

Strategy/SkillsMaking connections | Using graphic sources

Page Count12

Word Count153