The Hole in the King’s Socks

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The Hole in the King’s Socks the reader follows a humorous fairy tale of the King and how he commands his servants to mend a hole in his sock. Nothing works until, finally, the Queen comes up with a solution that means the King will never have cold feet again. This text supports the comprehension strategies of making and confirming predictions and noting details in illustrations. Repetition in the text provides support for less confident readers. Text Features – the clear narrative structure – the fairy tale elements – the characterisation of the King and Queen – the use of imperative language by the King – the humour and in the inclusion of modern elements in the illustrations – the visual sub-plot involving the mouse – the use of exclamation marks for emphasis – the possessive apostrophe in the title – the irregular verbs – came, gave, made, wove – the double consonants – knitted, knitting, running – the words with silent letters – dough, knit, knitted, knitting, stitched, wriggled – the “old” rime – cold, gold Possible challenges – the words – learned, thread – the concept of knitting.

Themes covered in this book are: Communication, Humour

Reading Level:12-14 (Green)

AuthorDot Meharry


Year Level2


Guided Reading Level14

GenreTall Tale

Theme/TopicCommunication | Humour

Strategy/SkillsDetermining importance | Making predictions

Page Count12

Word Count277