The Competition (SE)

The Competition (SE)
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The Competition is a folk tale in which a tiger is outwitted by a frog. It describes how the small but clever frog is able to scare away a tiger.
This text supports the comprehension strategies of using illustrations to understand text and comparing and contrasting. The storyline, illustration style, and features of a traditional tale provide opportunities for making connections between this text and The Clumsy Tiger (and with tales from other cultures). It provides excellent opportunities for expressive reading and retelling.
the clear narrative structure
the features of a traditional tale
the way the illustrations support and extend the ideas
the direct address to the reader and the layout features (text placement, italics, and bold print) that add emphasis
the traditional opening that sets the tale in a distant time
the talking animals
the battle of wits between the characters
the humorous ending
the tricky nature of the frog
the adjectives – busy, loud, small, tiny, yellow
the comparative and superlative adjectives – higher, highest; farther, farthest
the confrontational dialogue
the colloquial language – right
the use of ellipses on page 5 to indicate a pause
the “tion” ending in “competition” Possible challenges
the words – farther, farthest
the “air” sound for “ar” in “scaring”
the colloquial language (for the students whom English is a second language)
visualising how the frog tricks the tiger.

Themes covered in this book are: Animals Birds and Insects

Reading Level:15-16 (Orange)

AuthorBarbara Beveridge


Year Level2


Guided Reading Level16

GenreFolk tale/Traditional


Strategy/SkillsComparing and contrasting | Comprehension strategies

Page Count12

Word Count394